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It was Alton who started the amateur greenhouse boom – the Alton was Britain’s very first greenhouse specially designed for the domestic market back in 1921.  The modern Alton has a pedigree stretching back more than 80 years and has earned itself a reputation for innovative design, robust construction and outstanding durability. The best gaming offers in book of ra kostenlos our casino follow the link!

Alton superior design features include, on the Amateur and Traditional models – an easy-glide sliding door (kerbless for easy wheelbarrow access), pre-glazed puttyless lights, sturdy guttering and downpipes and a unique ventilation system which discourages the common plant disease grey mould.

You can buy an ALTONGREENHOUSE safe in the knowledge that it represents outstanding value for money and is built to stand the test of time. The best roulette and poker on our site https://vogueplay.com/uk/7-reel-slots/. Go to and get big bonuses!

Made in Western Red Cedar, ALTONGREENHOUSES are stronger than most aluminium greenhouses, give better heat retention and are far more resistant to wind damage.  In addition, all our Cedar is dipped in a preservative treatment to ensure minimum maintenance and long life.

The superiority of ALTONGREENHOUSES has been proven by independent tests.  Growing conditions and fuel usage were compared with a similarly proportioned aluminium greenhouse over 12 months.  The results showed that the Alton produced a far better growing environment which produced heavier cropping.  It was also shown that watering requirements were less frequent in an Alton, and that plants grew healthier compared with the reported leaf curl and mould found in the aluminium greenhouse.

Over a year, the aluminium cost 18% more to heat because Cedar warms up quicker in the day and cools slower at night.

Appreciable results for the discerning gardener and proof indeed of the superiority of ALTONGREENHOUSES. 

No wonder Alton is the Gardener’s Choice!